Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yeah, I'm a Blockhead

New Kids are coming! New Kids are coming!!!!!!! In 2 days the Gods of all things Boy Band will be here in Albany. To say I am excited is a mild understatement, I haven't actually moved on from them, and though I was closet listening to them and watching their videos in high school, I am an out and proud Block Head now! I thank my friend Liz for helping me out of the New Kids closet, we met in 2007,2008? something like that at work, and one day while kids were napping she let it slip that she still loved my guys... Oh Mylanta!!!!! I just met my new BFF!!

In 2008 NKOTB were going to perform together FIRST time in forever there was no way in hell I was going to miss this, and now I actually had someone who was just as ridiculous as me to hop on a train and stand all night on a street corner in NYC to catch a glimpse of all that awesomeness! I have been sworn to secrecy some of, okay most of the events of that night but let me just say this... Blockheads are some of the coolest chicks you will ever meet except that one super douche. We actually made a few new buds that night. That was also the year that we headed down to Long Island to see them only to have them add a tour date to SPAC, so we had to go again.

Fast forward to 2009, and they were doing the Today Show again! Liz was being lame and decided having a job and being responsible were more important than seeing Jesus Joey and the guys again, so I had to manipulate and drug my sister to go with me. Dear lord, it rained all night, but we met some pretty cool chicks and built a tent out of chairs, painters tarps, umbrellas, and gorilla tape...Who says I wouldn't last in the wild? Despite the rain the night was fun, we laughed, told stories, and just generally acted like 12 year old A-holes. It was magical.... Then it happened, The guys came out to see us! I met and hugged Joey, and Danny, and Donnie.....Phew I think I'm having a hot flash. There is and absolutely horrid picture floating around of me hugging the J-man... In my mind it was story book beautiful, in reality I looked like I was about to drop a huge duce. Again, magical.....Until some twatwaffle started acting like an A-hole of epic proportions. I am not even exaggerating, my sister who I had doped up on Xanax even lost her shit. And when I say she lost her shit, I mean she lost her SHIT and the twatwaffle skank lost feeling in her leg, and I lost my umbrella. Note to self, make sure sister is drugged up on something way stronger that Xanax before putting her in a situation like that again, or at least bring bail money so I don't have to flee a potential crime seen leaving the faja's chair and my umbrella behind.

So back to my original point, the New Kids are coming back to town in just a few days and my lazy, broke ass hasn't gotten my damn ticket yet. See these damn kids have freaking bled me dry this summer, with all their "But it's summer and I want to have fun" bullshit. Between camps, clinics, and daytrips for the little life suckers I have spent pretty much everything I have. Thank God for the secret credit card the mister doesn't know exists..... I payed it down enough to be able to go to the concert, I entered multiple concerts to win tickets, but no luck there so This is where I need your advice... Do I fly solo and go for the great seat, and pray the peeps next to me know how to have a good time? OR do I get the cheaper seats and bring the girl with me so I am not that lame ass at a concert alone?

Oh and here is the day I met Jesus...... It was duce inducing......

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