Friday, July 19, 2013

It's the hottest day of the year so I am going to start blogging!

 It's just as moist and hot out today as Satan's underballs, so I said to myself.... "Self, you need to start a blog. It's too shitty out there to do anything else."
And looky that I listened to myself and here we are!!!!
I suppose you want to know just who the hell this bitch is, so I shall do you the honor and let you know. Here's mah story......
Just a small town girl..... Oh shit that's Journey's story, Damn it!
Okay here's the real rundown:
Age: 33
Marital Status: Married way too freaking long to some dude
Number of humans that slid out of your nether regions: 2, a boy and a girl. And a Faja, I am aware that he didn't pop outta my vag, but he is child like so I am changing my answer to 3. Don't like it??? Tough shit I don't necessarily like it either.
Any Furbabies: Yup.
Hometown: Sco-Town Baby!!!
Diseases/Chronic Conditions: Crohn's.... Yup, plan on reading all about my ass, it's fun I promise!
What is this blog about: All the things I love/hate/semi-like..... Poop, my kids, the mister, the faja, my dog, the spider pube lady in Vale park.... You know, my life.

I hope you enjoy this..... Say you do and I will be your friend! I may even let you hold my spork....

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